Focus on companies in "Wood and furnishing sector"

Second report (April 2019)

The second edition of this Focus involves 330 manufacturing and sales companies operating across the woodworking and furnishing filière which generate turnover of at least €16m. The financial statements of these companies have been aggregated for the 2013-2017 period. Where available, priority has been given to the consolidated figures.

The aggregate is made up of 52 commercial firms, nine of which sell wood and derivative products and 43 furniture and lighting, and 278 manufacturers. The latter are split between companies which produce wood and derivative products (59), kitchen furniture (24), other domestic furniture (81), furnishings for offices and public spaces (50), upholstered articles (31) and lighting products (33).

The aggregate of companies in 2017 generated turnover of €21.8bn, up 4.4% on 2016, and exports of €9bn; based on the most recent sector data made available by FederlegnoArredo, the 330 companies included in the Focus for 2017 represented 53% of the universe in terms af sales (out of a total of €41,5bn) and 63% in terms of exports (out of €14,3bn).

The full survey is available for download from the link below.


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