Complete list of the published reports (published from 1970 to 2000)

L'industria chimica [The Chemical Industry]
Published 1970 - free

Gli aumenti di capitale delle società quotate in Borsa 1964-1970 [Shares issued by listed companies]
Published 1972 - out of print

Le fibre chimiche [Man-made fibres]
Published 1972 - out of print

L'acciaio [The Steel Industry ]
Published 1982 - free

L'industria della carta [The Paper Industry]
Published 1984 - free

La distribuzione organizzata [Multiple Retailing]
Published 1987 - free

La creazione di imprese [Business Start-ups]
Published 1989 - free

I materiali innovativi [New Materials]
Published 1993 - free

L'Acqua [The Water Industry]
Published 1996 - free
Summary, foreword and concluding remarks

I Trasporti [Transports]
Published 2000 - free
Summary and Chapter 1


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of these surveys?

These are surveys of one particular industry which aim to provide useful terms of reference at the aggregate level for assessing the economic and financial background against which firms in the industry concerned operate.

When was the such survey published?

The first survey, covering the chemical industry, appeared in October 1997.

Are small- and medium-sized companies covered?

The survey seeks to give as comprehensive a picture as possible of the market. They therefore also take account of small- and medium-size companies where these are relevant.

How are the subjects of the surveys chosen?

The subjects are chosen by R & S's Advisory Committee.

What form does the analysis take?

Each survey takes account of the typical features of the industry covered. Separate chapters are devoted to the type of enterprise forming the industry, its regulatory environment, production facilities and technology, and a financial analysis of the leading companies.

What sectors have been covered in recent surveys?

"I trasporti" (The Transport Industry) was published in 2000, "L'acqua" (The Water Industry) in 1996, and "I materiali innovativi" (The new materials) in 1993.

Can these surveys be consulted?

All R & S surveys can be consulted at our offices in Milan. Copies are also available in the economics faculty libraries of most Italian universities



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