R&S and Il Sole 24 Ore

Quarterly survey of the leading companies listed on the Italian Stock Market

This is a survey of the leading companies listed on the Italian Stock Market. It is scheduled to coincide with the publication of these companies’ quarterly results, and is based on balance sheet data compiled using the same methodology as in the R&S Annual Directory. The latest survey was published in Il Sole 24 Ore on 12 August 2015.

The following special editions have been published: Corporate borrowing (September 2001); Banks (December 2001); The "Nuovo Mercato" (March 2002); Utilities (June 2002); Bond issues (Septmber 2002); Bank doubtful debt (December 2002); The automotive sector (March 2003); Returns on privatizations (June 2003); The television industry (September 2003); Securizations (December 2003); Relations with auditors (March 2004); Small Caps (June 2004); Real Estate (September 2004), Research and development expenses (December 2004), Ownership structures (March 2005), Companies registered on Consob blacklist (June 2005), Leading listed oil companies (September 2005), Listed publishing companies (December 2005), Leading listed construction companies in the Eurozone (March 2006), Leading listed European telecommunications companies (June 2006), Leading listed European airline companies (September 2006), Leading European listed electricity and gas companies (December 2006), Listed Italian co-operative banks (March 2007), Leading Italian Fund Promoters (June 2007), Loans to households through specialist companies (September 2007), The subprime mortgage crisis and Italian banks (December 2007), What remains of the New Market (March 2008), The leading European banks (June 2008), Capital invested by the leading Italian listed industrial groups (September 2008), The automotive sector (December 2008), The oil sector (March 2009), Auditing of listed Italian companies (June 2009), The leading LBOs involving listed Italian companies (September 2009), Italian banks’ asset quality (December 2009), The leading European listed companies operating in the green energy sector (March 2010), Short-living listings a the Italian Stock Exchange (2000-2010) (June 2010), Listed Italian and European publishing companies (September 2010), Italian banks’ deposits (December 2010), Relocation of multinationals (March 2011), The leading European banks (June 2011).


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