About Us

    Ricerche e Studi S.p.A.

    Ricerche e Studi, or R&S for short, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mediobanca - Banca di Credito Finanziario S.p.A., which set up the company in 1970 as a separate economic and financial research unit with its own team of specialist researchers to produce company and industry surveys of the type Mediobanca had been publishing since its own inception in 1946.


    Mediobanca Research Department

    Mediobanca's Research Department is a highly specialized centre for financial analysis and research. Since its inception, Mediobanca has considered economic and financial research to be of great importance and a prerequisite for its operations, and its first publication, with the deliberately unassuming title of "Indici e Dati relativi ad investimenti in azioni" (Indices and data on Equity Investments) was distributed on 29th October 1947, the date of the Bank's first Annual General Meeting.





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