Leading Italian Companies

List of the leading Italian companies which is updated annually (November 2020)

List of the leading Italian companies (1,049 leading groups and 2,400 individual companies), operating in the following sectors: industry, commerce, finance, leasing, factoring, banking, and insurance. The data refer to the 2018 and 2019 financial year. A list of the most dynamic firms in terms of growth in sales with profit rates equal to at least 4% of their turnover is also available for download.

Inclusion in this survey constitutes the basis for the companies selected for the most dynamic Italian companies.

The survey is available free of charge in electronic format (by download).

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Le principali società italiane?

The purpose of this publication is to make selected account figures of leading Italian companies available to the public. The figures are restated according to criteria which differ for each sector, e.g. sales for manufacturing and service industries, value of goods on lease for leasing companies, customer deposits for banks, and premium income for insurance companies. Selected balance sheet and profit and loss account figures are given for each company for the past two financial years.

When was it first published?

This survey was first published in 1966.

Are small firms included?

The criteria for including firms are as follows: a turnover of at least €50m for manufacturing and service enterprises; financial investments of at least €12.5m and shareholders' equity of at least €12.5m for financial holding companies; total income of at least €1m for financial companies, goods out on lease of over €30m for leasing companies; turnover of not less than €7.5m for factoring and consumer finance companies, total tangible assets of €50m for banks; and premiums of at least €10m for insurance companies.

How are groups handled?

The survey gives consolidated figures and, wherever relevant, data for the major individual consolidated companies.

Where can back issues be consulted?

Back issues can be consulted at Research Department's offices in Milan by telephone appointment. Copies may also be found in the libraries of the economics faculties at most Italian universities.

Has the survey been reviewed recently?

The latest edition was published on 03 November 2020. Reviews and comments appeared in the leading Italian daily newspapers the following day.

Has information given in this survey been reviewed or used in other publications?

See, for example:
G. Pivato, Nuove vie per l'informazione qualificata (Milan: Giuffrè, Università Bocconi Dipartimento di Economia aziendale, 1987)
R. E. Carpenter e L. Rondi, Italian Corporate Governance, Investment and Finance (Turin: Working Paper Ceris-CNR, 2000)
R. Gallo, Manuale di Finanza industriale (Milan: Giuffrè, 2001).
A. Colli, Il quarto capitalismo; 2002; Marsilio.
G. Becattini-F.Coltorti, Aree di grande impresa ed aree distrettuali nello sviluppo post-bellico dell'Italia: un'esplorazione preliminare;
Rivista Italiana degli Economisti, Supplemento, n. 1-2004.

Do similar surveys exist in Italy?

Le principali società italiane is the most authoritative survey of its kind in Italy.

Do similar surveys exist outside Italy?

Yes. The most important are those published by Fortune and The Banker.


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